National Stewardship Program

The National Blood Authority (NBA) Stewardship Program is aimed at supporting jurisdictions and health providers to implement the requirements of the Australian Health Ministers’ Statement on National Stewardship Expectations on the Supply of Blood and Blood Products (the Stewardship Statement), issued on 12 November 2010.

The Stewardship Statement outlines measures that Health Ministers expect all health providers to adopt within their organisation. This includes the requirement to manage blood and blood products in ways that ensure:

  • All blood products are used in a clinically appropriate manner in accord with relevant professional guidelines and standards;
  • Informed patient consent procedures are implemented for all patients;
  • Processes, programs and facilities are in place to minimise the wastage of blood products;
  • Facilities are accredited with the appropriate bodies to meet all quality and safety obligations;
  • Transfusion related adverse event information is collected and managed according to jurisdictional requirements;
  • Health providers have an ordering and receipt verification process in place which provides adequate financial accountability as required by governments; and
  • Inventory data is provided on a regular and timely basis to assist in supply and demand planning, especially in times of national shortages.

The National Stewardship Program has the following two key objectives:

  1. To identify develop and promote the implementation of measures that reduce wastage through improved health provider inventory management of blood and blood products
  2. To identify develop and promote the implementation of patient blood management (PBM) to improve appropriate use of blood and blood products by health providers.

Each stream of work is to be supported by the following national strategies:

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