Ig usage data and statistics – October 2023


Recent data and statistics on Ig use in Australia is presented below, providing a snapshot of Ig usage and trends in Australia. To accommodate data entry and reconciliation requirements, data is usually published approximately three months in arrears.


The snapshot provides an overview of the information that is further detailed in the graphs and tables that follow. 

Ig use

Year to date September 2023 - % variation year on year by jurisdiction. This graph shows a cumulative percentage changes in Ig issued, nationally and by jurisdiction, for the current financial year to date as compared to the same period in the previous financial year.

Issues of Ig per 1,000 population by jurisdiction. This graph shows the amount of Ig issued (grams) per 1,000 population nationally and by jurisdiction for the previous 3 months.

Ig use by medical condition. This graph shows the medical conditions which account for the highest use (grams dispensed) of Ig products.

Product issued

Monthly expenditure on Ig. This graph shows the cost of Ig products issued over the last 9 months.