1. Aims

The main aims of BloodMove are to:

  • establish safe and effective blood inventory management systems
  • reduction of blood wastage
  • ensure effective supply and use of emergency blood in regional centres.

In so doing, BloodMove identified:

  • The need to upgrade/replace existing blood refrigerator assets in regional SA and initiated an active focused replacement program
  • The need for on-site training of blood refrigerator maintenance and quality oversight as well as blood shipper packing
  • Opportunities for reducing the previous (15%) blood wastage due to known or suspected cold chain breaches or poor inventory practices

Since its commencement, BloodMove has sustained and further improved upon reduction of avoidable blood wastage in CHSA - from 15% in July 2007 to less than 1% in January 2013 (see graph below - click on graph to enlarge).

Chart showing the decline of blood wastage down to less than 1% from 15% in July 2007

FIGURE: Demonstration of improved blood wastage reduction from July 2007 to January 2013 including milestones

Rick Tocchetti (BloodMove Medical Scientist) and Merrilee Clarke (BloodMove Nurse Management Facilitator) discuss the BloodMove project in the video below. 



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