National Policy: Access to Government Funded Immunoglobulin Products in Australia

Online version of the Criteria

BloodSTAR facilitates requests for immunoglobulin in accordance with the Criteria for the clinical use of immunoglobulin in Australia, Version 3 (the Criteria). The Criteria as they appear in BloodSTAR can be viewed here.

The NBA has developed a national policy for access to Ig products funded under the national blood arrangements in Australia.  This document clarifies the roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders involved in the management of immunoglobulin, including:

  • roles, responsibilities, authority and accountability of those involved in requesting authorisation, authorising, supplying managing and using immunoglobulin products,
  • standardised national patient treatment access and review arrangements and processes and
  • coordinated and consistent in-hospital ordering and management to improve transparency of product inventory, ensure that product is provided to approved patients only and to reduce expiry related wastage.

The policy should be read in conjunction with the Criteria for the clinical use of immunoglobulin in Australia.

The policy was first released in 2014 and revised for the BloodSTAR release in 2016. The latest edition of the policy replaces all previous editions effective from 15 July 2019.

2019 immunoglobulin governance national policy cover  (pdf)

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