BloodNet is an online blood ordering and inventory management system. It is a web-based system that allows staff in health facilities across Australia to order blood and blood products in a standardised way and to do so quickly, easily, and securely from the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (Lifeblood).

Accessing BloodNet

Access to BloodNet is available through the BloodPortal. To register an account, follow the process outlined in the instructions and tip sheets available in the links below. Each individual wishing to access a BloodNet facility will need to have their own BloodPortal account.

Existing users logging into the BloodPortal can select the BloodNet tile to access the live system. There is also a BloodNet Training site, available for learning and practice. To access the BloodNet Training site, click on the Training tile displayed at the bottom of the BloodPortal screen and then click on the BloodNet Training tile.

Laboratories that are not yet using BloodNet can arrange its implementation by contacting the Blood Operations Centre (BOC). BOC contact details are listed in ‘Further Information’ below.

Support Materials

A range of materials are available to assist users:

Laboratory Information System (LIS) Interfaces

Integrating a facility’s Laboratory Information System (LIS) with BloodNet is now possible. This assists in eliminating the double-entry of data, and enabling the near real time transfer of data between stakeholders in the blood sector. For more information on integrating LIS and BloodNet, visit the BloodNet Laboratory Information System (LIS) Interfaces page.

BloodSTAR and BloodNet Downtime Process

For information on the steps to undertake if BloodSTAR and/or BloodNet is unavailable online, please see the documents below.

Further Information

For BloodNet user support and further information, contact the Blood Operations Centre at the NBA by:

For clinical information or emergency authorisation requests, contact Lifeblood on 1300 70 77 55. Contact details for Lifeblood’s Customer Service Teams are available on Lifeblood’s website.