Overview: Data & Research

The National Blood Agreement prescribes the objectives of Governments for the Australian Blood Sector. In pursuing the primary objectives of: 'a) providing an adequate, safe, secure and affordable supply…’ and ‘ 'b) promoting safe, high quality management and use…’ the National Blood Authority (NBA) is required 'to undertake national information gathering, monitoring of new developments, reporting and research in relation to the Australian Blood Sector'.

To achieve these obligations the NBA now has significant reach with Blood Systems implemented nationally across the blood sector and is pursuing the potential to link data sets.  In the short term, the availability of current data sets enables the NBA to provide analytical and reporting services to internal and external clients.

Overview of data and information analysis

The data and information function has carriage of data governance and the management of data sets collected by, and supplied to, the NBA.  Relying on Big Red, NBAs data warehouse, to conduct analysis this section provides analytical and reporting services to the NBA, its stakeholders, and interested members of the medical profession and general public.

The NBA's direction, in relation to data, is described in the National Blood Sector Data and Information Strategy and Scorecard 2013 – 2016 which is has now been endorsed by the Jurisdictional Blood Committee and is available for download below.

For more information or to submit data requests refer to Data Requests