Point of Care Coagulation Testing Case Study

This case study illustrates efforts undertaken by clinical staff at The Prince Charles Hospital in detecting, managing and monitoring critical bleeding in cardiac surgery patients through the use of Point of Care Coagulation Testing. 


The accompanying text contains further information on the case study:

  • Patient Blood Management
  • Background: the Prince Charles Hospital experience
  • Collaborative implementation strategy
  • Education to embed bleeding management and PBM as standard care
  • Governance reporting, quality assurance
  • Benefits
  • Outcomes
  • Hurdles for implementing Patient Blood Management



The National Blood Authority acknowledges the following individuals whose knowledge, advice and time were invaluable in the development of this case study. Bronwyn Pearse, Ian Smith, Daniel Faulke, Douglas Wall, Peter Tesar, Marc Ziegenfuss, John Fraser, Ivan Rapchuk, Yoke Lin Fung, Lesley Drake, Jo Perrel, Claire Elser, Billy Vincent, Hayley Thompson, Cheryl Kahn, Kylie Hobson and Colleen Kirstenfeldt.