Red Cell Diagnostic Product Procurement

Red Cell Diagnostic Products – Alternative Arrangements from 1 December 2023

The arrangements for the funding and supply of Red Cell Diagnostic Products (RCDP) to public laboratories under existing standing offer contracts which are managed by the National Blood Authority (NBA) will cease from 1 December 2023. This will enable jurisdictions and laboratories to make direct arrangements with suppliers to purchase products required to manage the services of their own laboratories.

Access to products from 1 December 2023

Laboratories and jurisdictions requiring RCDP will need to establish arrangements directly with suppliers to enable continued supply. These new arrangements will need to be in place from 1 December 2023. This may be through your hospital or health department network or directly with suppliers.

Current Arrangements

Red cell diagnostic products are used for testing to establish the blood group of human red cells, detect red cell antibodies, and to control, standardise and validate routine haematology tests.

The National Blood Authority (NBA) has a standing offer arrangement with the following four suppliers to supply Red Cell Diagnostic Products to 30 November 2023:

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Grifols Australia
  • Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
  • Immulab

Download contact list below for supplier details:

The standing offer lists red cell diagnostic products that are used in blood typing and cross matching laboratory tests. These tests ensure that when a person needs a blood transfusion, they receive blood that is compatible with their own.

Details about the operation of the arrangements can be found in the Operating Procedures:

Changes to the product list or other updates will be posted on this site as they occur.

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