Version 3 Ig Criteria coming soon!

Image of web banner that says Please don't ignore this the Ig criteria are changing

The Criteria for Immunoglobulin Use in Australia (the Criteria) is changing to Version 3. These changes will apply in BloodSTAR from 22 October 2018.

Key changes:

Some current authorisations will move to the new Criteria automatically, while others may require prescribers to provide more information at the next patient review.

Indications will be more descriptive to help prescribers select the appropriate one for each patient.

The qualifying criteria will be more definitive in some conditions and additional evidence may be required.

In a small number of situations funding of Ig therapy has been withdrawn.

There will be better guidance for patient eligibility and requirements for patients to trial off Ig therapy.

A formal review of patient outcomes will need to be reported periodically in order to continue authorisation to receive funded Ig, for all ongoing conditions.

Reporting of review outcomes will be available for all conditions, not just those with an option to continue treatment.

Dosing controls have been reviewed and are more definitive where appropriate.

BloodSTAR will be easier to use.

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