Standard 7 Review

Review of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) has commenced review of the NSQHS Standards. The National Blood Authority (NBA) in collaboration with the ACSQHC is reviewing Standard 7.

The review process is iterative, seeking to identify which actions are critical to the safety and quality of the health service. A number of principles have been set down for the review of the Standards as follows:

  • duplication should be removed wherever possible and appropriate
  • no unnecessary increase in the number of standards, without strong current evidence that changes in systems or practices should be made
  • where there is evidence that actions have been ineffective or unnecessary that action should be removed

Initial feedback from the ACSQHC is that there are actions within Standard 7 that duplicate actions in the broader Standards (eg Standards 1 and 2). In accordance with the principles above, it is proposed that any actions that duplicate another action will be merged into the overarching Standard.  


The ACSQHC has advised that the finalisation and approval of Version 2 of the Standards will not occur until July 2017. However, a draft Version 2 of the Standards is required by 30 April 2015. These drafts will be released for consultation and piloting from July 2015. 


The NBA has worked with the ACSQHC to develop a survey to seek feedback about Version 2 of Standard 7, including seeking advice about the specific blood related actions that are necessary to ensure patient safety and quality. 

A survey was circulated to stakeholders and made available on the NBA and ACSQHC websites. Collection of responses has been closed. Further future opportunities to provide input will be detailed at .