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Online version of the Criteria

BloodSTAR facilitates requests for immunoglobulin in accordance with the Criteria for the clinical use of immunoglobulin in Australia, Version 3 (the Criteria). The Criteria as they appear in BloodSTAR can be viewed here.


​The NBA has developed BloodSTAR (System for Tracking Authorisations and Reviews) to support the Immunoglobulin Governance National Policy: Access to Government Funded Immunoglobulin Products in Australia. Information about patients approved to receive government funded immunoglobulin products is recorded in BloodSTAR and cannot be stored without your explicit consent.


BloodSTAR Privacy controls

To find out more about how your privacy is managed in BloodSTAR, please click here.

Patient Information: Immunoglobulin Treatment

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Patient Information: Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Treatment

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Patient receipt and use diary

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