New Bloodsafe eLearning Australia Immunoglobulin courses launched

In collaboration with the National Blood Authority, Bloodsafe eLearning Australia has developed and released the first four courses in the Immunoglobulin Module.

There are 4 courses available:

  • Immunoglobulin: Essentials - outlines the role of immunoglobulins in the body, how immunoglobulin product is used to treat different conditions, the different types of immunoglobulin products available in Australia, and how immunoglobulin product is manufactured
  • Immunoglobulin: Governance and Access - explains the rules and defines the roles and responsibilities of all healthcare professionals involved in the prescription, ordering and management of government-funded intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin products
  • Immunoglobulin: Administration – covers the safe administration of immunoglobulin products, how to safely transport and store immunoglobulin products, preparation of your patient for an intravenous immunoglobulin infusion, patient eligibility for subcutaneous immunoglobulin and the benefits and safe monitoring of patients receiving immunoglobulin therapy
  • Immunoglobulin: Adverse events - explains patient and product specifics that lead to an adverse event, steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of an adverse event and how to recognise, respond and report an adverse event as a result of immunoglobulin therapy.

The courses are aimed at healthcare staff involved with the prescription, ordering, administration and patient follow up of intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin product. This includes haematologists, immunologists, neurologists, medical officers, junior medical officers, registrars, nurse practitioners, nurses and midwives.

The last course in the Immunoglobulin Module will be released later this year. The remaining course focuses on considerations needing to be taken when prescribing immunoglobulin products.

Links to these courses, and to other useful resources for healthcare professionals and patients, can be found here: