Benefits of Working at the National Blood Authority

The National Blood Authority (NBA) provides a range of benefits to its employees including competitive salaries as well as policies and practices that support work-life balance.

We value our staff

The NBA places great emphasis on the people in the agency and it is the people who make the NBA a highly skilled agency that plays a fundamental role within Australia’s health industry. We appreciate that looking after employees does not begin on the first day of commencement at the NBA; it starts long before that during the recruitment process. The NBA knows that irrespective of the outcome of a recruitment process, each and every applicant is a potential spokesperson on behalf of our agency. Therefore, we endeavour to be timely in our recruitment processes and to ensure we communicate with you at every step of the process.

The NBA recognises the value of encouraging a work environment that supports the health and wellbeing of its employees.  In that context, the NBA:

  • encourages all employees to improve their overall level of health and well-being, encouraging them to continue an activity relevant to their health needs or to undertake one in addition to what they do on a regular basis
  • supports and cultivates a philosophy of promoting good health in addition to meeting our legislative responsibilities as an employer.

Flexible work arrangements

The NBA appreciates the value of offering employees a flexible working environment. We employ a diverse range of people with differing commitments, so we know it is important to offer our employees flexibility and choice in their work arrangements.

The NBA’s approach to considering flexible work arrangements also supports Integrity in the APS, particularly in establishing workplace relations that value communication, consultation, cooperation and input from employees on matters that affect their workplace; provides a fair, flexible, safe and rewarding workplace; and focuses on achieving results and managing performance.


We often refer to the ‘NBA family’. Being a small agency, the Chief Executive and Senior Executive know everyone by name and we all know each other. The working environment at the NBA is one where employees actively contribute to the organisation’s goals and objectives, but in amongst all of that is a sense of fun and camaraderie.

NBA values and behaviours

In conjunction with the principles led by the APS Values and Code of Conduct outlined in the Act, the NBA also espouses our own set of values:


  1. Respect every individual as an equal
  2. Promote the wellbeing and development of NBA people
  3. Communicate well and regularly


  1. Challenge and innovate
  2. Be cost conscious
  3. Fix problems, take action
  4. Drive decision making down


  1. Strengthen relationships across and beyond the NBA
  2. Be the best I can
  3. Be part of the NBA team.

Workplace diversity

The NBA believes that our employees, with their diverse skills, languages and backgrounds are our richest asset, and we encourage applicants from a variety of backgrounds to apply for positions with us. We endeavour to make everyone welcome regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, or cultural background.

The NBA embraces diversity as it contributes towards the creation of a richer workplace whilst enabling an understanding of how people’s differences and similarities can be utilised for the benefit of the individual, the organisation and society as a whole. Different groups of people offer different sets of skills that enable the NBA to improve our ability to deliver to the Australian health industry.