2013: Closed Public Consultations

Supply of Imported Plasma and Recombinant Products – Future Arrangements

Under the national blood arrangements administered by the NBA, Australia imports a range of plasma derived and recombinant products.  The NBA last tendered for imported plasma derived and recombinant products (IPRP) products in 2010. The initial term of the current IPRP contracts expires on 30 June 2014.

Stakeholder Consultation Paper

The NBA issued a stakeholder consultation paper in July 2013 seeking information from stakeholders on a range of issues relevant to the IPRP procurement.

The purpose of this process was to inform decisions to extend current IPRP contracts or conduct a Request for Tender.

Responses were received from 13 respondents, including from professional and representative groups, individual health care professionals and individual patients or careers.  A summary of responses to the consultation paper has been prepared and is available at the links below.

Request for Information

The NBA also issued an industry Request for Information (RFI) in July 2013, again seeking information to inform decisions to extend current IPRP contracts or conduct a Request for Tender.  Due to the commercial nature of the information submitted in response to the RFI a detailed summary has not been prepared.

Key points identified from the RFI process and other market intelligence are as follows:

  • In general, current or potential suppliers consider that the NBA’s approach to tendering and contracting for IPRP products is appropriate and sustainable
  • Significant savings, in the order of 20% of annual expenditure, may be gained if a Request for Tender (RFT) is issued for supply of some or all IPRP products from 1 July 2014.
  • A number of new product variants, as well as a number of new potential suppliers, will become progressively available in the Australian marketplace over the next five years.

Outcomes of consultation

Taking into account the information obtained through consultation, together with other information available to the NBA, a Request for Tender (RFT) for rFVIII and rFIX products has been issued for commencement of supply from 1 July 2014. A significant amount of useful feedback and information obtained through the consultation processes above have assisted the NBA to design the RFT to best meet clinical and patient needs and achieve best value for money.

Through these consultation processes, and from other information, the NBA is aware that a number of long acting recombinant clotting factor products are in development by a number of companies. The scope of the RFT which has now been released does not include long acting products. Information available to the NBA indicates that there is not sufficient certainty in relation to timing and scope of product registration, clinically relevant product characteristics, availability and security of supply, price, availability of competitive market, and likely clinical utility and preference, to enable tendering for long acting rFVIII or rFIX products at this time.