Changes to National Product List

Changes to products funded and supplied under the national blood arrangements

Interested parties, including patient groups or suppliers, can propose changes to the products or services that are publicly funded under the national blood arrangements.

Anyone wishing to make changes will be asked to provide evidence to support their proposal, including evidence-based evaluation of the product/service they nominate, as set out under Schedule 4 of the National Blood Agreement.

In order to make the application process consistent, a comprehensive Multi-Criteria Analysis Framework has been developed to assess proposals. Where appropriate, the Commonwealth’s Medical Services Advisory Committee health technology assessment process is also used to inform the cost effectiveness of proposals.  In September 2011, the Jurisdictional Blood Committee established a working group to review and update the Schedule 4 and health technology assessment processes.

For detailed information on the Schedule 4 / Multi-Criteria Analysis Framework, please contact the NBA at or on  02 6151 5003.